Giving Options

We offer a variety of giving options to make tithing as easy and safe as possible. If you have any questions about giving or would like help setting up one of the options listed below, you can contact the office (519 969-3162) and we’d be happy to assist you!

Instant Online Donations

We’ve invested into industry-standard security to ensure that any information you enter is between only you and us. You can head over to our GIVE page to donate right now!

Web Banking Donations

Submitting your financial gifts to the church through web banking is done in the same manner that you would pay any other bill using your bank’s web site. Most local banks will allow Heritage Park Alliance Church to be set up as a payee choice. Then, under “account number,” you would type a five digit numeric number (without spaces). That number is your current giving envelope number, preceded by enough zeros to fill in five digits. For example: giving envelope #55 becomes web account #00055; giving envelope #357 becomes web account #00357; and so on. You fill in the amount and then send the payment. The funds will then be placed into the church’s bank account. Please contact John Lamont (519-9769-3162 or if you don’t have a church giving envelope number.

Web banking has been tailored by the banks for entities such as utility companies where payors have a single account number to which they make a payment every month. Since the church has several funds available for contribution, we ask that you email John Lamont ( if you desire to contribute to any fund other than the General Fund. In the absence of this special instruction, all web giving will automatically flow to the General Fund.

The church will receive a report from the bank shortly after receipt of funds given through web banking. This report shows the giver’s name and also a tracking number for every transaction. This report which list the amounts given and the names of the associated givers will provide the church with the information required to ensure all amounts contributed are properly included on yearly tax receipts.

Pre-Authorized Donations

If you are interested in the pre-authorized giving option then please fill out the authorization form found below (PAD Form #1 and #2), attach a void cheque, and put in an envelope which is clearly marked with the words Attention – John Lamont. Then you can place the envelope in the offering plate at a weekend service or drop it off directly to the church office. Those forms are also available at the Welcome Desk.

To complete the form you must complete section 1 with your name and address and as well your bank’s name and address and then you must sign and date section 4. We would also ask that you provide instruction as to when you would like payments taken from your account (example: “every Friday,” “first and fifteenth of every month,” etc.).

If you have any further questions regarding any of the above, please contact the office and we’d be happy to help you out!

Available Downloads

Pre-Authorized Debit Form #1

Pre-Authorized Debit Form #2

Financial Reports

2019 HPAC Annual Report